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  • We are lookng at using the client software as a means of load balancing, etc between to HIS systems. Does the client software actually replace any 3270 emulator tha we use now to connect to HIS?
    Thursday, January 20, 2011 3:03 PM


  • Hi Marty

    The HIS Client does provide load balancing across multiple servers, and failover to another server if one dies. These facilities are described in this KB article:

    As to whether the HIS Client can replace your current 3270 emulator ... it depends. What emulator are you using? Several popular emulators can run on top of the HIS Client - such as Attachmate Extra, Walldata Rumba (now Micro Focus), and IBM's PCOMM. The HIS Client installation has 2 main parts:

    1) the "Client" itself, which is the SnaBase service and a bunch of DLLs. These don't give the user any visible interface, they just provide APIs and network connections to other programs which need to use the HIS server - such as a 3270 emulator; and

    2) simple 3270 and 5250 emulators. These bundled applets were originally provided purely as a means of testing host connections, they weren't intended for day-to-day use by end users. In current releases, they are licensed for production use, so you can use them for as your standard terminal emulator if you want. They are pretty simple and don't provide any of the fancy features you'd find in a stand-alone emulator product such as Extra. However, they do provide all the basic 3270 functions, and many customers have decided to use them as their standard emulator - after all, the price is right (they're free!). So, try out the bundled 3270 applet and see if you like it. 

    Hope this helps,


    Saturday, January 22, 2011 7:15 AM