SSO ADFS and SID history with Trust relationship


  • Hi all, 

    We have 2 domains A and B and no trust for the moment, users and workstations are in B domain, Exchange is in the A domain and maiboxes for users in domain B use different account in domain A, they need at the moment to logon on the exchange server with the domain A user account. Now we are going to move to O365 the mailboxes, our SSO based on ADFS can only authenticate user in domain A and we want the SSO to work for the user account in B domain. The steps is to create trust relationship but I want to use SID history.

    Question : the user will be able to logon to the SSO in the B domain (user session) with an SID history from the A domain ?

    In few months we will plan to move B user/workstation in the A domain but I am looking in the fastest way for them.

    if you have other ideas..



    Friday, October 25, 2013 11:38 AM

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