Rolling up Cumulative Sum


  • Hello, I am working on creating calculated columns in a tabular analysis service. I am currently trying to calculate a Cumulative Sum across a Date field, a Name field, and a classification. For any given Date I would like to know the sum for a given Name and it's classification. My current query looks like the code below. This gives the correct data, but is clunky in Power View. If I deselect the Classification choice in Power View I would like the Date and Name to then have a Sum of all of the classifications, and if I further remove the Name I would like to have a grand total of the cumulative sum for each team on a given date. Does anyone know of a way to better find the cumulative sum that will allow for this, or is it a limitation of Power View?



    FILTER(Table, Table[Classification]<=EARLIER(Table[Classification])),

    FILTER(Table, Table[Date] <= Earlier(Table[Date])),

    FILTER(Table, Table[Name] <= Earlier(Table[Name]))


    Monday, August 5, 2013 8:29 PM

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