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    I'm watching progress of windows phone development for more the one year. I was very glad when I first realized that Facebook messaging are integrated into a messaging of windows phone. It was something unique what no phone has. Obviously the last updates ruined that and now we have to respond or write messages over apps. Why???

    I'm kinda busy person and even those few second to open the app and wait for refreshing is sometimes too much. I also use multiple social sites to communicate with my family and friends so now I have to have for each one a app and that raise another problem with these because I have to think where specific person actually send the message so with app should I open.

    1/ Messaging

    So can you integrate all messaging into windows phone? Once I link my Microsoft account with for example Facebook, twitter, Skype then I will be able to use only one integrated "Messaging" app for quick respond or reading with no need any other additional apps

    2/ Email

     Can you also make one integrated "Email" for all email accounts. I'm using 2 company emails and 2 personal emails and again I have to have 4 icons in my screen for each one


    I also don't want to open Skype everytime I want to call somebody. Why we can't just make a phone call over a skype from "people" without opening Skype app? Also receiving phone call without waiting Skype to load first. I think Skype should be fully integrated into all windows devices!!!


    Wednesday, October 8, 2014 3:30 PM