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  • Okay Gentlemen and their sons&&daughters, 
    Microsoft Forum Newbie here, (not a software engineer, and would not like to be, only interested in learning D code and that's as far as I go in terms of use of anything other than program and software) ...

    But a serious thing that I need to open discussion about, (sorry that I didn't bring it up during the live web video discussion, but they said next time bring a list, but I uh... well I missed the 1 on 1 discussion date as well, and disclosure was mentioned, SORRY AGAIN, geez, but don't worry I'm more left out of the loop than anyone) 

    I did watch the videos, that distinguish the differences between SURFACE and LAPTOP and the 1 2 3....
    *sort of* 

    && i know SOME features were left out but let's clarify if you would please : 


    - are you or all assuming our mice would be bluetooth? or that we would NOT USE A TRADITIONAL CLICKER MOUSE, and just use the trackpad, and you're assuming that the Surface Line of Laptops were meant as a BACK-UP PC FOR PORTABILITY AND OUR MOUSE IS AT HOME ALWAYS CONNECTED TO OUR MAIN SYSTEM? 

    - The Processing Speed - I think I have 8 cores? Let Me Check. I have 8. The Ryzen 5.

    What is it for? 

    NOW, I can't remember what was added or left out that's different from my model, such as... 

    Microsoft JUST CAME OUT WITH A DEAL, taking hundreds of dollars off of their foldable 2 in 1, and when I saw it I almost cried because well... (was it microsoft?) something something... I almost cried, but I have to be grateful and I have to force-love my Surface 3 laptop now, like it's the ugly dog that we keep around the house because it doesn't have a home, and well... it's so damn ugly we can't help but to keep it. 

    What is the purpose of this thing? 
    And why did I spend THAT MUCH money on it, when I ALMOST KNEW, (after buying the LAST ONE AVAILABLE at THE CLOSEST RETAIL STORE) that prices would either skyrocket, or lower/sale prices/clearance dramatically. 
    So why did I purchase it? 
    Because I never had a touchscreen laptop or computer before, and I passed one up at the pawn shop because I was being too picky, becauses I wanted the best deal, cheapest deal for the most performance I could possibly get out of every single dollar. 

    I sort of benchmarked, but the store was closing @ 6pm and it took me forever to click the checkout to pick it up.
    Little did I know, that...

    Well I should have known, due to it's slim-design that, .... well is there an issue with the cooling system?
    Remember liquid cooling? 

    How are the fans on this thing? 
    Are they like miniscule the tiniest fans in the world or something? 
    How did you construct it and what was the design template drawn-out design plan like? 
    "Lets hire an artist that can draw really tiny fans really well"

    I've been with microsoft for 24 years. 
    Selling IE in 1995. 
    I grew up on WIndows 95-98, but during my teenaged years when it meant the most for me to be involved with the company, I was deprived of involvement. 
    But yeah I was 4 or 5. 

    But even then, I *think* this is THE BEST PC/LAPTOP in terms of performance and capability and features and *able to canyourunit* that I've ever had to my name, and even then spending THE STICKER PRICE RETAIL PRICE THE PRICE THAT IS THE SAME PRICE AS RELEASE DATE STAND IN LINE FOR A DAY AND A HALF IN ORDER TO GET THE FIRST ONES PRICE. 

    and that DID NOT need to be the case, or the situation i faced when purchasing this. 
    can you give me a run cmd config of pre-loaded settings that optimizes it for gaming? 
    thats what I want to use it for? Okay? 
    for anythign else I'll use THE ONN : SURF, and I love the product, and the company doesn't even have a website, much less a goddamn forum. 

    look microsoft, I said and told myself I'll never return this, and I won't and I think it's past that prime, and anybody who reads this all the way to this point is like : no way, uh uh, you're not returning it having already typed this many words, no sir. 

    and you're right. 
    so convince me, to suggest The Surface 3 Laptop to ANYONE, anyone else, 
    because I saw The Surface X and I feel in love with some other guy's wife, not my own. 

    sincerely - 

    Monday, April 27, 2020 10:07 PM


  • Good day ItsASurface,

    You  description is not clear. Do you know where you are? How did not came here (from which link/recommendation) ?

    Let me go over your message ans post some comments according

    >> Microsoft Forum Newbie here

    Welcome to the Microsoft MSDN and TechNet forums. It is always nice to see new members.

    With that being said, you should know the first rule in forums (Microsoft and any other), which is to check what the forum is about and publish your question in the right forum.

    The name of this forum is "TechNet Wiki Discussion" which mean it is for discussion about the TechNet Wiki and not about "D code".

    >> sorry that I didn't bring it up during the live web video discussion

    Which "live web video" ?!? What are you talking about?!? Who is they and which One-On-One discussion?!? We are not they! We cannot know what They do or think...

    Second rule in forums is that we do not know you and we cannot read minds. We cannot know who you are, what is your ability, and what you speak about, unless you give us the information. You cannot base you question on information which is not in the question and you need to explain what you are talking about and what it is related to at any time. You need to start your thread from the beginning.

    >> I did watch the videos

    This is great for you, but it does not help us since we cannot read your mind. We need to see these in order to understand what they say probably.

    >> distinguish the differences between SURFACE and LAPTOP

    If your discussion is regarding hardware then you are not in the right system of forums. The MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) forums are not the place for these discussion. You can try to use the Answer forums system

    In the answer system you have a special place for Surface, which is best fit your question probably.

    A direct link to the Surface forum:

    Note! remember the comment I added here since it is true there. If you want to discuss a video then you need to give the link or expain which vedio and how people can see it in order to discuss it :-) 

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    Tuesday, April 28, 2020 5:14 AM