setting a home router for static and server for static


  • when i set my home router for static for my server it loses internet and my server is set for static as well and when i turn dhcp back on my router my server gets internet what is happening the help would be appreciated thank you.
    Saturday, June 29, 2013 5:04 PM


  • Without givin more information it is very hard to give reasonable advice.

    I would follow this procedure:

    1. Setting static assignment of IP address can be done even if DHCP is enabled. For server the recommended Ip is static one.

    2. You can change the range of addresses that DHCP server assignes and také IP addresses for server from outside of this spool.

    3. You should not use more than ONE DHCP server on your subnet. For testing it is advisable use of wirtual subnet

    4. There are various reason for not connecting Internet. In fact, you can have physical connection that is proved by functional ping, but no connectivity by name, if name to IP address translation is missing. For these purposes use public DNS line that of Google: and

    5. Even if physical connectivity and name resolution is working, you can get yellow exclamation noting lack of Internet access. You have connectivity, but the systém pretends that there is none. This may cease after some time when internal checking passes.

    Whenever you have any problém, give more relevant information as potential reader do not see what you could see and test.



    PS: Perhaps the more appropriate forum is

    Saturday, June 29, 2013 5:20 PM