SharePoint 2013 Text Filter Web Part - Wildcards/Partial Search?


  • Hi all,

    On SharePoint 2013 I've set up a page which contains a text filter webpart and 3 list view web parts. The idea is that users can enter in a numeric value to the filter and it will display relevant documents across the 3 separate libraries on that one page. That all works fine.

    However, with the text filter web part its default behaviour is that users must enter an exact value in order to return the results they need (e.g. if a user wants to find the record 123456, then they must enter that exactly). Ideally, I want users to be able to enter 12345 or even 12345* and still be able to find the record 123456, as well as any other records. Does anyone know if it's possible to implent this partial search/wildcard into the web part?

    Thank you.

    Tuesday, April 24, 2018 11:12 AM


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