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  • UPDATE: This is still an ongoing problem. So we will keep this thread going to try to find enough experts to help maintain this forum by proposing and marking answers. Thank you for your help!


    We need more answerers in this forum! The basic idea is that if our answers get marked, then we know which threads to focus on (no questions left behind), and the people who answer the questions can at least feel a little gratitude and recognition for their help (which they deserve). Even though Recognition and Achievements aren't the motivation for helping each other, it's still encouraging and helps keep us going (especially knowing that our assistance is helpful and appreciated)!

    Let me know if you've been part of this community pretty consistently for at least 6 months, have answered at least 100 questions (with at least 1,000 Recognition Points) and are interested in helping propose and mark answers. Sorry about the requirements, but it helps make sure we get help from people who are experienced and known in the community.

    The basic idea is that you would propose an answer and then mark it 7 days later. When the OP chimes in, we might need to provide new answers and unpropose the old ones (the OP is the "client"--so please no degrading comments). The Answerers will need to agree to follow these guidelines: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/1059.forum-moderation-guide-managing-posts-and-threads-marking-answers.aspx#Guidance

    So you must write something like, "I read the guidelines and agree to follow them." And it's very important that you follow them (we will all be held to the guidelines).

    I'm inviting the following community members to be given the role of Answerer:


    The idea is that we'll then ask some of our Answerers to become Moderators as needed (when there's a need for more Moderation and what we check for is if they are proposing and marking answers each week--the primary Answerer tasks--for at least a month). Or if they work at Microsoft and its related to their job.

    I'm inviting the following community members to be given the role of Moderator:


    Ed Price, SQL Server Customer Program Manager (Blog, Small Basic, Wiki Ninjas, Wiki)

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    Wednesday, August 21, 2013 6:46 PM

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