SQL server database automate size increase.


  • I wanted to know is there any way can do automation  like there is an X database 3GB with autogrowth 250MB for the datafile & consider 2.6GB is increased & I dont want to wait for autogrowth to trigger instead the drive I have enough space in it instead I want to increase the database file size itself from 2.6GB to 5GB..

    Consider some condition when the database data file reached 85% full then automatically should get increase by check the drive free space(where the db file resides) has 30% of free space & my increment for the data file would be consider 10GB.

    excuse Me if not clear this ,but just requirement basic script to make automate on this-but Iam not getting on this, I knew that first should ensure drive space should be there & review weekly (or) may be Iam incorrect.

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    Wednesday, July 11, 2018 4:17 PM

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  • The easiest way would be to pre-allocate the datafile. If you still prefer to do it the way you desired, a dirty way would be something as follows:

    1) Write the total, used, free space and free space in percentage numbers to a SQL table. You can use PowerShell etc to do this. 

    2) Once you have the used and total space for the drive in question, calculate the 30% free space. For example, 30% of a 100 GB drive would be 30 GB so this drive can only be used up to 70 GB. Hence, calculate the intended size to increase as follows:

    SpaceToAddToDataFile (Say, x)= 70 GB - Used drive Space (got from step 1)

    3) Once you have the value of X, get the current data file size and add x to it. 

    ActualSpace (Say, y) = Current data file size + x

    4) Run the following with y as the SIZE.

    USE [master]
    ALTER DATABASE [DatabaseName] MODIFY FILE ( NAME = N'Test_Auto', SIZE = <y> )

    Of course, you can automate everything and club in 3-4 job steps and schedule using SQL job

    Caution: if the drive contains any other data files, they would still grow from the remaining 30% free space that would defeat your purpose of leaving 30% free on the drive. 

    You're better off testing the application in a lower environment and coming up with a good number to increase your data file so you don't have to rely on alerts or auto growth. 

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    Wednesday, July 11, 2018 6:27 PM
  • Yes logic is fine,but Iam not an programmer background and need if some one has scripts from first to last-- it helps a lot & appreciated on that.

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    Thursday, July 12, 2018 9:21 AM