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  • The build process we are trying to apply is an OEM build process which currently works fine under MDT 2010.

    The task sequence and build process involves copying down the Media deployment  to a primary partition then applies the WinPE task sequence then once the machine is restarted this should boot into the deployment point to continue the build process. The error below occurs during the OEM phase during the Apply WinPE stage and Prior to the final reboot.

    Below is the machine type and exact error message.

    We have some HP Z (220,420,620,820)  range machines that contain internal Card Readers.

    During the stage within our task sequence that applies the WINPE environment we get the following error "Unable to determine destination disk, Drive or partition error 5456". 

    I have review the .vbs and .wsf files from MDT and found that the error is located within the ZTIUtility.vbs script and we think that this is because the Card Readers are confusing the apply script as they are all allocated driver letters even within the task sequence phase.

    We have got around the issue by disabling the Card Readers from within the BIOS and then re-enabling them post build as part of our build process.

    I have reviewed the code and I am a little unsure what needs to be changes without causing other issues.

    Any help appreciated.

    Wednesday, June 12, 2013 2:22 PM

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  • Can you post your bdd.log, smsts.log, and ZTIDiskUtility.log to a cloud storage so I can take a look.   Can you please also run the following commands from the HP Z with the Card Reader and upload DiskDrive.txt, DiskPartition.txt, and LogicalDisk.txt to the cloud storage:

    wmic path Win32_DiskDrive > DiskDrive.txt
    wmic path Win32_DiskPartition > DiskPartition.txt
    wmic path Win32_LogicalDisk > LogicalDisk.txt

    I think I have an idea on how to make it work... probably just a minor tweak to the WQL queries that look for a drive to use for the WinPE image and will need to find a good property to use to exclude the Card Reader from being in the current list the script is returning (and unfortunately, returning first before the main HDD).

    David Coulter | http://DCtheGeek.blogspot.com | @DCtheGeek

    Saturday, June 15, 2013 2:46 AM
  • We fixed this by using wmic queries on the disk drives and logical drives and inserting exceptions into ZTIDiskUtility.vbs

    The disk drive query shows the card reader as "Generic-something or other" and then logical disk query shows the hard drive as  "Local Fixed Disk"

    We changed the following lines of code

    Function AllDiskDrives
        ' SD27 FIX
        set AllDiskDrives = AllDiskDrivesEx("WHERE NOT Caption LIKE 'Generic-%'")
        'set AllDiskDrives = AllDiskDrivesEx(empty)
    End Function

    Function AllLogicalDrives
        ' SD27 FIX
        set AllLogicalDrives = AllLogicalDrivesEx("WHERE Description LIKE 'Local Fixed Disk'")
        'set AllLogicalDrives = AllLogicalDrivesEx(empty)
    End Function

    Hope this helps.

    Wednesday, July 17, 2013 4:09 PM