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  • Hi,


    I have the following setup :


    A machine with two sata HD. Did the following OS installations :


    Installed WinXP on 1st drive, 1st partition

    Installed Vista on 1st drive 2nd partition

    added second HD

    Installed second WinXP on 2nd drive 1st partition

    Installed debian on 2nd drive subsequent partitions (with grub)


    Boot loading sequence is the following :


    Grub boots from the MBR. options are linux and Vista boot loader

    Vista boot loader allows booting to vista and other Windows version (Second XP installation boot loader)

    Other windows version allows booting into second XP installation and 1st XP installation.


    Now wanted to be able to remove the 1st XP partition, but vista boot loader on it.

    Tried to point grub option to XP boot loader but couldn't boot it from 1st disk 2nd partition, nor on 2nd disk 1st partition.

    Erased 1st partition of 1st disk. Grub can't find the vista boot loader confirming it was on it.


    Recreated the partition through the linux fdisk, formatted it through format of vista rescue cmd line, reboot, rescue installation (drive e: to the installation program), choose startup repair option, reboot, can boot again from grub to vista directly through vista boot loader on 1st partition of 1st disk.


    This means that I must have a partition at the beginning of the 1st disk to hold the vista boot loader. Besides I can't boot the second XP installation any more.


    Is it possible to have the vista boot loader on the second partition of the 1st drive ? Another issue is with the drive letters. Disk management tells that the 2nd partition of the 1st drive is C: and the 1st partition of the same drive is D:.

    When I run bcdedit it reports the boot loader, and all else being on C:, but throught the partition erasement test I know that the boot loader is on the 1st partition. If able to move, how ?



    Wednesday, September 24, 2008 3:27 PM


  • Hello,


    First of all, I would like to say that Windows Vista regards the default installation partition as the C: drive (the 2nd partition of the first disk) no matter whether you have the other C: drive physically. I don’t know why you need to install so many operation systems (especially two Windows XP) on one computer, which might make the boot option corrupt.


    Here you might use the following two existing tools to see whether they do work on your problem.


    VistaBootPRO 3.3



    EasyBCD 1.5



    If the problem still persists, I suppose that you should format the computer and rebuild the system at your earliest convenience. (You might plug the HDD to another computer for data backup). First install Windows XP on the 1st partition of the first disk and then Windows Vista on the 2nd partition of the first disk. As for the Debian system, you should contact its manufacturer to know more details whether the product would affect Windows boot configuration.


    Good Luck!

    Friday, September 26, 2008 7:10 AM