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  • Praying someone can help on this... I can't hit a mysql db with powerpivot.

    I'm using:  Windows 7 Profession 64bit; Excel 2010 32bit (64 bit not supported here); Powerpivot 32bit

    I can access the tables with Workbench or Toad.  Have systematically tested multiple odbc drivers (3.5, 5.1.11, 5.1.12, 5.2.5) in both 32bit --also in 64bit just in case) and have double checked that I have .net Framework (4.5) .. and after multiple tweaks I'm able to get a query to start running, but then get an error saying there is a catastrophic error.  

    Any ideas???

    Tuesday, July 02, 2013 8:25 PM


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  • Hi warmstrong1,

    Could you please post the detail error message to us for further investigation? It will benefit for community members to help you solve this issue.

    Here is an good article about using MySQL and Microsoft PowerPivot together, please see:

    Or maybe MySQL bug cause this issue, you can also discuss this issue in MySQL forum. Please see:

    Best Regards,

    Elvis Long
    TechNet Community Support

    Friday, July 05, 2013 1:49 AM
  • Hi !

    I also am a big user of mySQL and was hoping that PowerPivot would allow us to query large tables/views that would not fit into Excel 2010.  I am running and HP laptop with intel processor under Win7 64 with Office 64 and have been able to install the 64-bit plugin (am puzzled with the 64bit plugin lists AMD as the processor whereas the 32-bit plugin lists i64 - but since it installed, I assume it is meant to work on i64 machines and will chalk that up to an inaccurate file name on Microsoft's part).  At any rate, I am able to connect once to mysql table (test connection successful), but have been unable to bring in any data, even if I write the select statement myself to avoid any square bracket issues.  The 'validate' button confirms the statement syntax is valid, so I then hit 'finish'.

    The outcome is either: (a) I get a connector error message when I try to pull in the data (ERROR HY010 MySQL ODBC 5.2(w) driver mysqld-5..5.23-log), or

    (b) after 'back' for a second attempt, a 'test connection failed because of an error in initialising provider. Catastrophic failure', or

    (c) if I actually select a small table from the list and click import, the screen will say '1 remaining' and stay like that until I kill the Excel process (stop import has not effect other than greying out the 'stop import' button after I click it).  Note that my test table has only 600 records in it with 8 fields each - really, really tiny.

    Note that the ODBC connections I am using are all working since I use the same connections with other tools (MS Access, third party tools etc) so it is not a permissions, account or server thing.  It is only with PowerPivot that I am unable to connect or retrieve data.  Lastly, when I use database admin tool that allows me to monitor threads into the database, I do not see my PowerPivot connection in the list, as if PowerPivot thinks it's connected to the database and pulling data, when in fact the database is telling me otherwise.

    Sorry for the long post, but I know these things are hard to debug.  Really hope that you can help.

    Footnote:  I just noticed that if I DO select an initial catalogue, I get the catastrophic test error message right away.  If I DO NOT select an initial catalogue, I go down the path indicated above.
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    Friday, July 19, 2013 1:32 PM