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  • My client uses an SBS2003 server with a domain name "". His mail boxes reside on an external POP3 server and he uses the Exchange POP3 connector to download mail for each of his 4 mail accounts.

    He recently registered a new domain "". Mail sent to is forwarded to the pre-existing POP3 mailboxes, then download to his exchange server. This works well.

    His outgoing EMails have a sender address of He now wishes them to appear to the external recipient as I can achieve this in Active Directory by making "" the main SMTP address. However, the moment I do this, incoming mail for this user disappears in a black hole inside the Exchange server, without a trace and without any error message. I can see how the Exchange POP3 connector fetches it from the POP3 server but then - nothing.

    I could, of course, set up the server with "" but this seems like the tail wagging the dog. Is there a way of forcing the sender's address to be of the form ""? If so, how is it done.

    Thanks for your help - much appreciated.

    Monday, September 19, 2011 7:37 PM


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