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  • In our organization we are planning to migrate SCCM 2007 to SCCM 2012,Our current SCCM 2007 hierarchy structure is

    • One central site server (it has another server as replica)
    • Two primary site servers
    • Each primary site server  has  50+ (120+ in total) secondary site server spreaded across the globe and most of the secondary site server are configured on Windows 2003 servers
    • We have about 24k client machines managed by the SCCM

    Also in future we are planning to acquire another company, which is already using SCCM 2007

    Our current plan for SCCM 2012 Migration

    We are planning to have one CAS server and one primary site server (once we have the Acquired the other company. Will go for another primary site server under this CAS) and the primary will have 3 additional DPs configured and SUP and Reporting point on another servers.

    Based on the above hierarchy structure, I have few questions in my mind. Can you please someone help me on this.

    Q1.Was the above plan is correct

    Q2.As we have offices located in across the globe in different regions, how can we design the    secondary site servers (Note: Most of the locations has WAN link and low linked networks)

    Q3.What would be the recommended configuration for IBCM?

    Q4.Can we have secondary site server in each location or Distribution share is enough?

    Q5. Is there an easy way to migrate reports to the new SCCM 2012 system?  The new system only allows SQL Reporting Services and all of our current 900 reports are on SCCM reports?

    Q6. Is there any easy way to migrate our SCCM 2007 clients to SCCM 2012 clients?

    Q7. What would be the Distribution point share size in the remote locations if we implement OSD in near future?

    Q8. As we have 2 central and 3 Primary site servers in our SCCM 2007 hierarchy,   What is the migration plan without losing any required data from all the site servers?

    Wednesday, May 8, 2013 7:20 AM

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  • Q1) nope, you do not require to have a CAS unless you have more than 100,000 users in your environment. I recommend having a single primary site

    Q2) depends on number of users and the WAN. For a global environment it is not uncommon to have a secondary site in the major datacenters

    Q3) check the Techent docs

    Q4) Distribution point shares are not possible in CM12. A local DP will be ok in most sites

    Q5) Yes, check this video, at the end there is a report Tool that can be used - http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/MMS/2013/UD-B316

    Q6) Yes, just install them in the new environment.

    Q7) Depends on the content you have

    Q8) Yes

    Kent Agerlund | My blogs: blog.coretech.dk/kea and SCUG.dk/ | Twitter: @Agerlund | Linkedin: Kent Agerlund | Mastering ConfigMgr 2012 The Fundamentals

    Wednesday, May 8, 2013 7:45 AM
  • Hi Kent,Thank you for the prompt response

    Q1.Comment:- Okay,You are right its not really required CAS if we have Clients below 100,000.However in a real time scenario as you said,If i am going for Primary site server in the hierarchy.How can we deals with the fail over and the BCP.

    Example.If we have configured PS in one data center,If this server is down.how we will continue the SCCM service?

    Q2.Comment:- Lets consider one region,We have about 40 locations in one region and number of users in each location between 50 - 100 in most of the remote locations and few of them had ~10 users,How can you recommend on this?

    New Q9: During the client installation in SCCM 2012 after migration,Is CM12 client uninstall the SCCM 2007 client to install CM12 client on end users

            Q10:Is there any possibility that we can configure CAS after SCCM 2012 setup,If our hierarchy have more than 100,000 in the near future?

            Q11:Is SCCM 2012 supports Unix and Linux OS and If this is possible what kind of SCCM features that we can use on these OS?

            Q12:What functionality/Features of SCCM 2012 will uses the NLB 


    Wednesday, May 8, 2013 10:16 AM
  • Q1) glad to hear that

    Q2) A secondary site in teh region and a local DP in teh remote locations

    Q9) Yes, it will uninstall the old client

    Q10) Yes, you can do that with SP1

    Q11) UNIX, inventory and sw deployment, Apple, inventory, settings management and application deployment

    Q12) software updates

    It's always a god idea to open a new thread when you have additional questions. It makes it easier for other to follow the threads of their interest.

    Kent Agerlund | My blogs: blog.coretech.dk/kea and SCUG.dk/ | Twitter: @Agerlund | Linkedin: Kent Agerlund | Mastering ConfigMgr 2012 The Fundamentals

    Wednesday, May 8, 2013 11:01 AM
  • Hi Kent

    Can you please elaborate more on Q2 as i was confused myself on this part,If possible with an example..Thanks in advance

    Wednesday, May 8, 2013 12:21 PM