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  • Hi Team,

    As far as i understand driver groups in MDT, we need to follow the below process to implement it. Could anyone pls. share there view if i am missing anything here to implement drivers for different hardware using driver groups or any short process to achieve the same?

    1. - Create Out-of-Box folder structure

    2. - modify customsettings.ini . For eg.


    [HP Notebook 123] 
    DriverGroup001=Windows 7\x64\%model% 

    [HP Desktop 234] 
    DriverGroup002=Windows 7\x64\%model% 

    [Dell Laptop 345] 
    DriverGroup003=Windows 7\x64\%model% 

    [Lenovo Laptop 456] 
    DriverGroup004=Windows 7\x64\%model% 

    3. - In TS, Disable Inject Drivers step (since i will be taken care by MDT through cs.ini).


    Monday, December 30, 2013 10:55 AM

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  • IMO, This is an old fashioned method of handling drivers.  Your best bet is to use Selection Profiles in MDT (Categories in SCCM).  This gives you the true central repository and management console for everything relating to OSD (Operating System Deployment).  Driver Groups exist outside of MDT/SCCM and are NOT the suggested/supported method of installing drivers via MDT.

    -BrianG (http://supportishere.com)

    Monday, December 30, 2013 2:56 PM
  • I don't know if there is a better way to do this, but this is my working environment:

    1) Folder structure in Out-of-Box-Drivers:
    Add drivers per model, this makes it easier to manage later.

    2) Selection Profiles in Advanced Configuration
    You should create as many profiles as computer models and operating systems you have. This is the name structure I have:
    DRV-[OS]-[Architecture]-[Model name]
    On each profile you must select the corresponding folder in Out-of-Box-Drivers

    3) In the Task Sequence delete or disable the default step "Inject Drivers" from the "Preinstall" group and create a new group with a similar name like "Drivers". Inside this new group create a similar structure as the one shown in the first step.

    4) Now comes the fun part, we are going to make a WMI query to get the model name from the bios so on each model folder go to "Options" and add a new "Query WMI", this way:
    - WMI namespace: root\cimv2
    - WQL query: Select * from Win32_ComputerSystem where Model like '%Your model name%'

    5) Add a new step in the folder you created as follows: "Add>General>Inject Drivers" (You can give it a descriptive name that will appear during the deployment)
    Now choose a selection profile you made in the step 2 and select "Install only matching drivers from the selection profile" to avoid BSOD's ;D

    From here you should have everything set up, this is the way I manage drivers on my MDT2012 server so if anyone knows a better way, please let me know.

    Hope it helps.

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