No data collected for Office products RRS feed

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  • Hi Guys!

    I have a very strange problem with MAP TK V9.6 and software inventory (no data collected for Office).

    My setup:

    —Windows 2012 R2 + full update installed from scratch in vmware environment.
    —MAP TOOLS KIT 9.6
    —SQL 2012 R2 SP3 (I have the same problem with the local database)
    —No other things installed on the server this is a really fresh install!
    —Collectors from Active Directory, WMI, registry and PowerShell are OK.
    —Firewall still OK
    —I use an Enterprise Administrator account

    My problem:

    From a scenario, I run a “Windows computers” and “Databases” scan for collecting Computers, Office and SQL reports. I am selecting “Active Directory” discovery methods. I indicate the root Active Directory Forest (the problem is the same if I indicate an OU where are located the Computer Object).
    When the inventory it’s finished, the result is like this:

    —SQL report is OK
    —Server report is OK
    —All Office report is KO

    The strange thing is: if I have indicated the AD root forest container, the Office inventory scan exclusively, and I don’t know why, an OU located under the root of the forest. And, in this OU, I have only SQL Cluster Objects.  The scan inventory the same number of objects I have!

    I thought there was a problem with all Office product data retrieval in map while the data were in the database. That's why I extracted from the SQL database, the Office table inventory toward an Excel file. The data is the same in MAP. I found the same number of computers objects, represented by a device number like this: {03274B31-5062-455D-950C-0A96CFFB5BA3}. No other information

    Any suggestions?

    Sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language^^
    Wednesday, October 11, 2017 1:45 PM