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  • Many of you have heard of Solution Accelerators before - but did you know that the Solution Accelerators team is also responsible for driving significant improvements into Microsoft product lines?

    On the Security and Compliance team, we'd like to hear from you - what software do you want to see from Microsoft that will help you with your Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) needs?

    Let us know what you want.  Simply create a new discussion here in this forum, and start your subject line with "Wish: " (no quotes).

    When you see a Wish that you agree with - jump on the discussion! Add your own thoughts, offer alternatives, and suggest improvements. Feel free to describe how you're fulfilling the need today to give others a hand. You can also talk about the regulatory or GRC reasons behind the wish - what's really driving this particular need?

    Wishes may be for additional features or changes to existing products, or may be new products that Microsoft does not offer today. Don't constrain yourself - be creative!

    Our team will be triaging all the wishes we receive, and working to drive the most important ones into the company as part of our GRC Mobilization effort. We'll make sure these ideas are heard!

    Thanks for helping out,


    Derick Campbell | Group Program Manager
    Solution Accelerators - Security and Compliance


    Did you know? Over half of the top 30 security downloads on are from our team.

    - "Shifting the effort of compliance from people to technology"






    Monday, September 29, 2008 5:25 PM