IPv6 DNS setting Not Correct


  • PDC - 2012 DataCenter Std

    App server - 2012 R2 std.

    I rebuilt the App server from 2102 std to 2102 R2 to clear some system corruption. Bare metal build went smoothly until I tried to join the domain. I got could not find domain server. NSLOOKUP showed no server.

    After a couple of hours looking and trying things, I notice in ipconfig /all on the app server that the DNS was IPv6   first then IPv4 and the IPv6 address was pointing to the router IPv6.

    I did have a DHCP IPV6 scope but did not have the DNS setting. I changed that to point to the DNS IPv6 address but the scope never was applied to the App server (yes I rebooted both several times). I finally changed the App server adapter setting to manually fix both the machine & DNS IPv6 addresses and all went well.

    I did not have this problem when I built the original App server in 2012 std. I just joined the domain from the PDC DHCP settings. I believe 2102 R2 is built on IPV6 but should it not work correctly in DHCP and where did the IPv6 router address come from?

    John Lenz

    Wednesday, February 19, 2014 2:13 PM