Formula associated with Deliverable Type resets when performing updates in PWA RRS feed

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  • We are using Project Server 2010.

    We have an Enterprise Field that gives a text version of the field Deliverable Type:

    IIf([Deliverable Type]=1,"Deliverable",IIf([Deliverable Type]=2,"Dependency","Nothing"))

    We do this for two reasons:

    1. Some of our users prefer a text description of Deliverable Type as opposed to the numerical value

    2. SQL Reporting Services can't [easily] get to the portion of the DB that contains the Deliverable Type, but it can get to this Enterprise Field that uses the formula, above.

    At issue, we have some project leads that perform their updates via PWA.  After performing their updates in PWA, saving, and publishing, the above formula resets the Enterprise Field with the above formula to the value of "Nothing".  At first you wouldn't notice because performing a calculation while in PWA does nothing to the above calculation and everything looks fine.  Then we run our SQL reports and our data becomes skewed because items that are Deliverable Type =1 or 2 are now being reported as having "Nothing" in the field with the above formula.  If you close the file in PWA and then re-open in PWA you will now see the enteprise field has "Nothing" from top to bottom and hitting the Calculate button in PWA does not change the value.  Opening the file in Project Pro also shows "Nothing" in our Enteprise Field, but it quickly returns to the correct value of either Deliverable or Dependency once you do a Calculate (F9) while in Project Pro.

    Clearly, there is some kind of calculate process on this field that only occurs as part of the close-out from PWA.

    Is there something we can do to do the above formula to determine if we are in PWA vice Project Pro so that we disable processing during PWA edits?


    Wednesday, November 18, 2015 4:27 PM