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  • I am trying to uninstall some features from my MOSS 2007. I understand that the follwing command will uninstall a feature: Uninstall-SPFeature FeatureFolderName.

    However, I don't know how to determine the FeatureFolderName.

    Can someone help me out with this? Thanks in advance!

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  • You could use one of the nice tool in codeplex



    How to get folder name.



    if you have WSP file then unzip the wsp.So you could know it from feature.xml


    Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\FEATURES and try to figure out from names.

    Approach 3

    Following code will create a list of csv file for you

    using (StreamWriter writer = File.CreateText("MyFeatureList.csv")) 

      foreach (string folder in Directory.GetDirectories( 

        @"C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\FEATURES")) 


        string featureFile = Path.Combine(folder, "feature.xml"); 

        if (File.Exists(featureFile)) 


          using (XmlReader reader = XmlReader.Create(featureFile)) 



            string id = reader.GetAttribute("Id"); 

            string title = reader.GetAttribute("Title");

            string scope = reader.GetAttribute("Scope");


              new DirectoryInfo(folder).Name, id, title, scope); 





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