How to recover a deleted/formatted bit-locker encrypted partition?


  • Hello,

    Could you please help me to solve the problem i faced recently. Let me explain you what happened in detail.

    Initially I had 2TB Seagate Expansion Desk HDD, partitioned into 500GB, 13GB, 293GB, all three Bitlocker encrypted and 1 more 500GB unencrypted partition, the rest of the space was unallocated. Few days ago, by mistake, while I was creating Windows Recovery Disk chose the wrong drive letter and ended up whole partitions above deleted. Here’s what I have in HDD now: 32GB Windows 8 Recovery partition and 1831GB unallocated space. After that I haven’t made any changes to the drive. I was able to restore the data from the last unencrypted part by using Getdataback SW but with no luck in my Bitlocker encrypted partitions. I would appreciate any advice to restore the bitlockerencrypted partitions as I have the password and recovery keys to decrypt and retrieve my data back.

    Softwares I have: Recuva. Handy Recovery. R-Studio. Getdataback. M3 Bitlocker Recovery. Starus Partition Recovery. TestDisk

    I can provide the snapshots of the results from recovery softwares should you need them. Thank you very much!
    Monday, May 30, 2016 11:06 PM


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