Windows server 2008R2 Memory leak High memory utilization


  • We have a 2008R2 server which is running one of our company's applications the server is 2008R2 Enterprise and has 99GB of RAM with 16 CPU cores.  We have been seeing some very High memory utilization 70% on the server and have no idea why as when looking in task manager and resource manager when adding up the processes they account for 40GB and the cached and free memory is using 10GB so there is a lot of memory missing around 20GB. Nothing shows in task manager for processes using excessive memory for Paged pool/ Non paged pool

    I have run RAMMap and can see that the paged pool and non paged pool memory is using 12GB combined and the metadata file is using10GB (Is this the MFT) ? !!! so i have managed to track down the missing memory. I have run poolmon and can see the MmSt tag is using huge amounts of paged pool memory around 4GB

    The MmSt tag is to do with Microsoft memory management so not sure how i go about fixing this any ideas ? The application that runs on the server has multiple processes 15 + that use huge amounts of memory 1-3GB and it uses a huge amount of Disk I/O

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