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  • I have started working with a RADIUS Accounting server (NPS Windows server 2008), collecting data from a couple of hundred company fire walls . The accounting data is logged to XML->SQL DB as well as to text file every hour, as all fire walls are configured to send interim updates every 3600 seconds. The server is set to 100(max) concurrent sessions

    Question: I get a lot of missing messages, visible in the log text file but not in the Database. How come? Sometimes this occurs when 2 sessions from the same user_name is sent at the same time. I ran a pcap session on one radius client and captured a packet that didn't make it to the sql db. When examining this packet in Wire shark, there seem to be some strange response packet from the server afterwards. It didn't look like the majority of responses. However, other response packets looking the same had associated request packets that HAD made it to the DB?It all feels pretty random when and why some packets are logged in DB and others are not. Anyone got any answers?

    Friday, September 7, 2012 3:51 PM


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