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  • I am trying to create a graph of the monthly cost expected during a project.  I have assigned a cost to each task, and dates for the start and finish of each task.  It should have all of the data needed to produce this graph, but I can't find the option.
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  • Gardwr,

    First of all, what version of Project are you using? Second, is it updated with the latest service pack?

    You mention that you have assigned cost and dates. Neither should be "assigned". Except for fixed cost, which are assigned, costs are calculated by Project based on the resources (labor or material) assigned and the rate associated with that resource. As far as dates, unless you are using Project 2010 or later in manual scheduling mode, task start and finish dates are calculated by Project based on various factors, including duration and links from predecessor tasks. So my third question is, exactly what kind of schedule do you have?

    As far as setting up a cost graph, go to the MVP website at,, and take a look at FAQ 38 - Combined Resource Graph.

    Just for reference, version of Project up through Project 2010 had very limited graphing capability. My understanding is that Project 2013 now has expanded graphing capability.

    Hope this helps.


    Friday, August 30, 2013 2:29 AM
  • Which version of Project are you using?

    Since your costs are not coming from Resource Rates and the work on the task, you will not be able to use the Resource Graph with Cost Table.

    Have you tried using the Visual Reports - Cash Flow Report? (assuming you have 2010)

    Prasanna Adavi,PMP,MCTS,MCITP,MCT

    Friday, August 30, 2013 2:35 AM
  • I am using Project 2010.  I will have to check his computer to make sure he has the latest service pack.  I have "assigned" fixed cost because we sub out most of the work and do not calculate the cost based on labor or material.  We use the cost of the subcontract and the duration that the subcontractor gives us for his trade.  This schedule is for a 10 month renovation of commercial property.   I am not using resources in my schedule.  I am using tasks.  The graph I am using is the visual report cash flow report.  It has the option to choose the level of usage data to include in the report.  When I choose weeks, it gives me the correct data in the excel pivot table, but when I choose months, it gives me only the total for the project in the excel pivot table.  I am not sure if the the report is just not working properly or if I have something set up in my schedule incorrectly.
    Friday, August 30, 2013 4:30 PM
  • Pardon me for bumping in.  But I think I see what you are reporting.  For some reason when I select "monthly" when creating the Cash Flow Visual Report, the Column does not have the Monthly calendar option checked.

    In the Pivot Table field list, scroll down and select Monthly Calendar under Time and see if that allow you to expand the data out and show the information by quarter and month.


    Friday, August 30, 2013 8:21 PM
  • Agreed to Julie's response add Monthly Calendar under the Pivot Tables field "Time" selections option - it will reflect cost monthwise.

    Sapna Shukla

    Sunday, September 1, 2013 2:47 PM
  • Thanks, but I tried that and it didn't work.  If I look at the second tab on the spreadsheet, the monthly data is simply not there.  The report is not generating it for some reason.  I don't know if there is a way to correct the report in Projects.
    Tuesday, September 3, 2013 12:12 PM
  • Is the Monthly Calendar option available in the Pivot Table field list on the second tab?  Please also check service pack level.  You should be at SP-2 for Project 2010.
    Tuesday, September 3, 2013 12:24 PM
  • Try this: Open the Cash flow Visual Report and in the Pivot table field list select Monthly Calendar (as already suggested).  Then look down further in the Pivot table box and move the Monthly Calendar field under Legend fields to Axis Fields. Then click on the Task Usage Tab and expand the Year field (hit the + ).  Now go back to the chart.  That should show the month by month.

    Wednesday, September 4, 2013 7:19 PM
  • That worked.  Thanks so much for the help.  Can I ask you another question?  I am now trying to run the same data on a regular cash flow report (not a visual report).  I have summary tasks with tasked listed underneath.  I have a fixed cost put in for each task.  The cost of these tasks are totaled together under the summary task in the total cost column.  I am trying to produce a report that shows just the summary tasks with the total cost per month.  What I am having trouble with is displaying the total cost.  There doesn't seam to be an option for it.
    Thursday, September 12, 2013 1:49 PM
  • The best I can suggest is to add Cost to the timescaled portion of the Task Usage view, zoom to show the appropriate level of detail and then set the outline level to the correct to show or hide details tasks as needed.  Then print the view.
    Saturday, September 14, 2013 7:57 PM