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  • Hello, I recently wanted to update my Anti Virus Program named Kaspersky.
    I was trying to update my 2011 version to the 2012 version.
    I inserted the Kaspersky Disc during my computer startup, it than took me to Install Kaspersky, I entered all the details like Language, ect. After I entered it, it started to install/update. Now while it was installing/updating I've accidently hit the Open tray and Reset button! 
    So the disc tray opened and my computer restarted while it was installing/updating. It started up again, and I went back to the Install disc again. After going through the options again, it showed the Kaspersky window and up the top in red it said "Databases corrupt". I tried re installing it again but it is still saying that it is Corrupted, I tried roll back, but that didn't work either. So I just decided to exit it and go to my desktop.
    I restarted my computer and took the disc out, after a minute or so I got a blue screen saying "Windows shut down to prevent damage to your computer" and it said something else saying "Disable or uninstall any Anti virus, disc defragmentation, or backup utilities".
    I got out the Windows Vista disc and put it in, restarted and loaded the disc. I went to "Repair my computer" then "Repair startup files" After a while it finished, I restarted. I didn't get the blue screen, but instead I just got a black screen with my cursor on it. I can move it around and nothing else, I cannot bring up taskmanager by going CTRL+ALT+DEL or CTRL+SHIFT+ESC. I tried tapping SHIFT 5 times for that BEEP and the message that pops up, but still nothing.
    I then restarted AGAIN, and something else came up. It said two things:
    Windows Vista
    Windows Vista Home premium (Recovered)
    I went to the "Windows Vista Home premium (Recovered)" option and the computer loaded up perfectly, the desktop showed up, Internet worked, all working, right? Well it didn't, I went to My Computer and the C: drive didn't show up, only my other drives, and the C: is MY most IMPORTANT drive on my computer, I needed it with all the Work, information stored on it.
    I restarted again and went to the "Windows Vista" option, and that was the not working one, it came up with the Black screen and cursor, so I assume it is the one with C: drive on it. 

    I went back to the Repair my computer, and went "Repair startup files" again. It finished, and I checked the logs of it. At the bottom of it it said "Registry files corrupt".
    I than went to "Command Prompt" in the repair my computer and typed "C:" and then "regedit" I went through the files until I got to System32 config folder, there was a backup folder and it had the backup files within it. I replaced the corrupt files (The System, Software, Sam, and Security) with the backup ones. So then, I went back to the repair my startup files. I checked the logs again and it said successful, and up the top it said "Windows found nothing wrong with your computer".
    I restarted and STILLLL the black screen with cursor! 
    I'm out of ideas I don't know what to do, please help!
    Friday, March 2, 2012 7:31 AM