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  • How do i move distributions lists in exchange 2010 i mean can someone help me understand what takes place when you migrate to a new server. exchange 2010 to exchange 2010 and do i need new certificates issued for the new server.

    I guess im needing help like a how to of what you need to do to move a exchange 2010 to a new exchange 2010 and have everything go smooth have your distrubition lists work your outlook webmail work with the same domain name that you have currently working everything work like nothing ever happened.

    the outlook clients i have are Outlook 2003

    Thanks guys in advance.

    martin enriquez

    Friday, August 3, 2012 4:45 PM


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  • I assume you're not talking cross forest migration, you're just introducing a new exchange server to replace (from your other thread) in this case you don't migrate any DLs, DLs are AD objects with exch attributes.

    Yes you need to export your certs on the old server and import them into the new server and bind them to your services owa, iis, smtp imap, pop.

    James Chong MCITP | EA | EMA; MCSE | M+, S+ Security+, Project+, ITIL msexchangetips.blogspot.com

    Friday, August 3, 2012 5:09 PM
  • HOw about my mailboxes and my recieve connectors and all my settings.

    also i have oulook 2003 clients and could i keep the same server name ? this way i wouldnt have to go to each workstation which is about 200 + users. in different locations.

    basically want to know how does one move entire exchange 2010 member server to a new hardware without any downtime and making the move as transparent to the users as possible,

    Friday, August 3, 2012 7:51 PM
  • You can use the below as reference, use the part removing the last exchange 2007 it still applies except that you will also have to move the arbitration mailboxes to the new server. You can't keep the same server name since both servers will be coexisting at the same time and you can't later rename the exchange server either. The only thing you can do is after you decom the first server you can up date the DNS for your old server name to the same IP of the new server.

    Remove the Last Legacy Exchange Server from an Exchange 2010 Organization


    Move arbitration mailbox.


    To perform the following procedure, the account you use must be delegated membership in the Exchange Organization Administrator role on Exchange 2007 servers.

    1. Move all mailboxes to an Exchange 2010 server in the organization. For more information, see Create a Local Move Request.
    2. Move all content from the public folder database on the legacy Exchange 2007 server to a public folder database on an Exchange 2010 server in the organization. For detailed steps, see Move Public Folder Content from One Public Folder Database to Another Public Folder Database.
    3. On Exchange 2007 servers, for each offline address book (OAB), move the generation process to an Exchange 2010 server. For detailed steps, see Move the Offline Address Book Generation Process to Another Server.
    4. To remove the public folder mailbox and stores on the Exchange 2007 server, see the following topics:
    5. Verify that Internet mail flow is configured to route through your Exchange 2010 transport servers. For more information, see the following topics:
    6. To verify that all inbound protocol services (Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, Microsoft Office Outlook Web App, Outlook Anywhere, POP3, IMAP4, Autodiscover service, and any other Exchange Web service) are configured for Exchange 2010, see Managing Client Access Servers.

    James Chong MCITP | EA | EMA; MCSE | M+, S+ Security+, Project+, ITIL msexchangetips.blogspot.com

    Friday, August 3, 2012 8:15 PM