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  • We have made changes to MDT to accept 2 new Dell Latitude systems: E5550 and the Optiplex 7020. Imported the drivers into MDt in the Outofthebox drivers dell. E5550 and the 7020 drivers in Optiplex 7020.

    This is how we do the drivers. In the rules.ini we have the setting at the end : 

    [Dell Inc.]
    DriverGroup001=Windows 7 x86\%Make%\%Model%

    Now i have made a new folder like Optiplex 7020 and imported the Dell 7020 drivers in it. When deploying to a 7020 drivers almost all drivers are deployed but when i deploy the image to a Optiplex 790 or a Optiplex 780 the network drivers are missing and also som chipset drivers, yellowsigns in device manager.

    When i look in MDT at the outofthe box driver folder the drivers are per machine but when i look in the behind folders in WIndows all the drivers are in the devices organised so all the network card drivers are in the net folder. There are a lot of the same filenames like E1C6332.INF, there are 10 of them....

    That is te problem i believe: imported drivers for a newer machine but now MDT is using a wrong driver for the older machines?

    I believe that a few files / drivers must be deleted from MDT but which one. Is every file like E1C6332.INF have the same drivers in it for all the machines? When i look up the string for the network card driver: pci/dev_8086&dev_1502&susbsys_047e1028 etc etc then this driver excists in every file E1C6332.INF..

    This problem also occurs with a chipset driver and a SM bus controller driver at the older machines. MDT takes the new drivers i think.

    How can i best solve this?


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  • Have you checked the Optiplex 780 or 790 folders to see if the new driver exists in those locations? Find the driver in question, go to Properties, and check the details tab. Compare them to the same driver in the 7020 folder.

    -Nick O.

    Monday, March 16, 2015 3:19 PM
  • I use the same format

    DriverGroup001=Windows 7 x86\%Make%\%Model%

    and it works flawlessly. You must have something else wrong. I'd start by checking your BDD.log. Make sure DriverGroup001 is actually defined correctly, and that it matches the Make and Model. All 3 of those variables will be defined in bdd.log and you should be able to search for them. Confirm that the path in the MDT console matches as well, no typos.

    Importing new drivers should never overwrite an older version, that's the reason for naming the folders as  Driver_Version_GUID.  Even if you imported them into the same folder and they had the same name, they would have a different GUID, and should be renamed in the console with a (1) after it, like "Intel Net E1C62x64.inf (1)"

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  • Have you had a chance to try this?
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  • Have you had a chance to try this?

    I am sorry it did take a while before this answer. In the BDD locally i do not see something like drivergroup etc.

    However, again we did get a new Latitude Dell 5250 and imported the new drivers. Booting did not seucceed at the client. Downloaded the newest driver from the Dell site and also the cabinets but booting failed.
    Then downloaded the newest driver from the Intel website and now the driver is accepted on the client it boots.

    Several drivers that are imported in MDT are not succeed on the client exclamaition marks stays present so it is a problem with the drivers from Dell..


    Monday, May 18, 2015 1:47 PM
  • I know this thread is old, but we had the same issue, particularly with Windows 7 machines. We use the same driver methodology that you use above. For Windows 7 imaging, we had to modify a task in the task sequence. We use "Inject Drivers" and set the option for "Install all drivers from the selection profile". Problem solved for us.
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  • I use the same setup.  I based my setup on the following post after getting started with MDT without any training after using Selection Profiles --  I use "Scenario #3 – Total Control". 


    Monday, February 13, 2017 10:42 PM