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  • Hello all,

    We are seeing a very strange FIM Portal issue at a current customer.
    Basically intermittently the portal stops working showing the good old "Service not available" error message.

    The strange thing is after 10 minutes the service returns.
    The configuration is not crazy, there are two servers running SharePoint 2013 Foundation, FIM Portal and FIM Service.

    DNS is only pointing at the first server at the moment and the Portal works fine on both servers when browsing locally.
    Build number 4.1.3496.0.

    Loadbalancing is not configured, and all SPN's are correct (as demonstrated by the fact that it works okay 90% of the time.)

    We have double checked all the FIM config files to make sure everything is ok, otherwise we would never be able to access the FIM portal in the first instance. The trouble only happens intermittently, and no error logs are generated in the event viewer (even with extra error logging). The error can happen mid-session when browsing the portal, and happens for all user accounts.

    Worth mentioning that when the portal is down, it often DOES work directly on the FIM Portal server. The DNS records are all updated to point to the FIM Service and the FIM portal and there are no "localhost" entries in the configuration files. Also, when the portal goes down, we can still see the XML file when we type http://fimservice:5725 in IE.

    We are quite stumped by this, any ideas/clue much appreciated. This is quite an urgent issue


    Monday, March 31, 2014 5:59 PM


  • Right, we managed to sort this out although I'm not sure why it works. Posting it here in case someone in the future encounters this.

    In the web.config file, we changed the resourceManagementServiceBaseAddress from the DNS (A) record name of the FIM Service to the hostname of the server hosting the FIM Service. We did this for both machines hosting the Portal and Service (which are load balanced)

    Further, we disabled the Sharepoint job which repairs the web.config file between Farm Master and members since we didn't want the web.config file being overwritten. 

    Hope it helps!

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