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    I have been trying to figure out the commands to allow me to 'Publish Online' a non mail enabled Public Folder Calendar. (Inhouse Exchange 2013)
    I asked in a more generic subforum here and one of the responses pointed me to this one so...

    Three steps apparently
    1. Configure the Web proxy URL
    Thought I had this figured, but then read another howto that set the uri to their public OWA folder:
    Set-ExchangeServer -Identity "MailServer" -InternetWebProxy https://owa.someurl.com/owa
    Is this correct please?

    2. Use the shell to enable the publishing virtual directory
    Checking with 'Get-OwaVirtualDirectory | format-list' I see the ExternalUrl is set to the same as the correct version of InternetWebProxy in step one, and CalendarEnabled is 'true'.
    So is InternetWebProxy the same as ExternalUrl?

    3. Create or configure a sharing policy specifically for Internet Calendar publishing
    This seems to be two steps:- Create the policy, link it to a mailbox
    Now the first bit:
    New-SharingPolicy -Name "PublishPublicCalendarOnline" -Domains 'Anonymous: CalendarSharingFreeBusyReviewer' -Enabled $true
    is straightforward, but the next bit has two examples:
    Set-Mailbox -Identity <user name> -SharingPolicy "PublishPublicCalendarOnline"
    Set-Mailbox -OrganizationalUnit <OU name> -SharingPolicy "PublishPublicCalendarOnline"

    Now then, as this is a non-mail-enabled Public folder calendar, what's the correct instruction to say that when this calendar is published, the PublishPublicCalendarOnline policy should be applied?

    All examples I can find assume that the policy will be assigned to a user/mailbox

    Many thanks for your time...

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