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    Tele van a Component Status ezzel a két hibával:

    SMS Software Metering Processor moved file "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\swmproc.box\process\0XCZOEPX.MUX" to the corrupt directory. The file will be deleted when the minimum clean up age has been reached. See the previous and following error status messages for more details.

    SMS Software Metering Processor failed to process the usage file "0XCZOEPX.MUX" for client "SZA0010921" because a record contained a bad usage start or end time value.  Usage times are rejected if the start time is greater than the end time, the end time is in the future, or the end time is more than 90 days old.    Possible cause: The clock on the client computer is not accurate or has been recently changed.   Solution: Reset the time on the client computer to the current time.    Problem: The time on the SMS Site Server is incorrect.   Solution: Reset the time on the SMS Site Server to the current time.

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