Dust (near and on the memory sticks) makes the system halt and crash, that I will remember from now on RRS feed

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  • I had certain problem that made my Windows-system become unresponsive. I've descriped the problem in another thread , but in this thread I'm not focusing on the problem itself, but to its causer. Dust caused it. It was all its fault.

    I do occasionally open my computer case and blow away the dust from the corners and over the processor and all the visible heatsinks, but it could be that I've never cleaned the surface of the memory sticks . This time I looked more carefully inside the case and noticed that there were a lot of curly dust and smaller particles near and on the surface of the sticks and the connector.

    After cleaning both of the sticks, I put them back and began to run "a self made computer system stress test" that should crash or atleat halt the system for sure - it always happened with less effort earlier. In offline mode (not connected to internet) I started executing programs and their functions, which would use lots of memory and access harddisk constantly. I copied lots of files from partition to partition, made Photoshop do heavy image manipulation tasks, viewed a high-res video with high-quality audio, executed another 10 programs, copied more files, played more videos, moved windows, tried Java-programs, tried .Net-programs, viewed different types of files through different netbrowsers (still in offline-mode), etc. All at the same time, but Windows and attached hardware handled it all just fine. I couldn't crash or jam the system, what ever I tried.

    This reminds me of first days of my copy of Windows Vista. It was so strangely stable after Windows XP. Anyway, if the removing of the dust solved the issue and made the problem disappear, I have only one type problems left: security holes. But more about that later.

    Thursday, June 18, 2009 6:04 PM