Three questions related to dashboard development with PowerBI


  • * I'd like to create a report for every sales territory my client has. Previously, I could do this with a Excel template and builder with lots of VBA to make a report for each sales territory (there are 90). I'm not sure how to approach this using PowerBI/PowerView. Tableau makes this very simple where a master report containing all the data across all the territories can be created and posted on a server. A dropdown will then limit each client side user to the territory they are assigned to. Has anyone come across a similar feature with PowerBI or any other other way to make many reports at once with PowerBI?

    * Are dropdowns and radio buttons featured in PowerBI? It seems to me that it's not possible to add them from Developer Tools and display them on the BI site. 

    * Is there a definite released date for the iOS app?

    Monday, October 21, 2013 9:33 PM


  • Hi

    Let's go on reverse order of your three questions

    The third question is the easiest to answer : No there isn't a published released date at this point :)

    Regarding the second question:

    There are many cases that you can replace dropdowns by slicers and even dummy pivot tables with filters on disconnected tables that are used only for choosing options. Search for articles on DAX and disconnected tables in he various sites that contain advanced DAX examples or in books on the subject.

    Now about the more complex question about creating separate for each sales territory .

    Actually VBA could be used modify the connect string , import subsets of the data , process the tables and save each change.

    Dick Moffat who is good friend of mine with and a very experienced Excel developer was kind enough to publish a blog post that contain most of the elements you need for creating such a solution :


    The example in this article is just about slicing the right data by the user himself.

    A small wrapper is needed to loop on all sales territories and create Excel files with slices of the data for each territory .

    Let us know if this solution worked for you


    Sunday, October 27, 2013 4:33 PM