When I amend an Enterprise Resource record and save changes, the record remains checked out and the changes are not applied RRS feed

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  • I have full administrative rights to Project Server 2010 and when I attempt to amend a user account, when I save the changes it appears as though it has changed successfully, however if I try to amend it again, I am warned that the record is checked out in another session.  I am then forced to check it in but the changes are not saved.

    I have recently aaplied the Department function in our TEST environment as we have another area within our business that will be using Project Server.  I have applied the Department to users, custom fields and Resources for the new 'Department'. Up until today I have had no problems.  However, I have made changes to the security of the existing categories and groups and used the bulk update function in the Resource Centre to amend the Department for all the existing users.  This seemed to ahve stuck and no resources were left checked out.

    However now, I am unable to amend any users without the save not sticking and the user account remaining checked out.  There are no errors in the queue, in fact, there are no successful jobs there either.

    Having said that, I have now attempted to change the Deparment of the user I need to change by selecting her record and another whose Department is already correct (in the Resource Centre) and using the Bulk Edit function, I am able to successfully change the Department. That seems very weird to me!

    Can anyone please provide some clue as to what may be happening?  I repeat, I have full admin rights ie. everything is ticked as 'allow' at Category and Global level for all projects.

    Tuesday, February 26, 2013 4:32 AM