Create HA in Exchgane 2010


  • hi,

    my question maybe need a very long answer. but there's my scenario :

    i have for now 2 exchange servers ( EX1 :one for mailbox role , and EX2 :with all roles " mailbox + Hub+CAS)and i have Veeam 9.5 for Backup. and all servers in Vmware environment. what i need to create a HA and DR For Exchange. SO i have this ideas :

    and correct me if any one is not doable :

    1- create dag,and install Hub Role at EX1 So in this case i will have HA for Mailbox and HUB,and for cas i don't know what is the best practice here. ( create cas Array and use load balance from ESXI ?)

    2- there's an option in Veeam called replication , can i just keep one server running and create replication so if the main serve go down change to the passive one from Veeam ? ( any one try this one before ? )

    3- or there's away that i don't know ? i need if exchange server down the user not effect at all.

    i know it's long general question , but please help me

    Osma Othman

    Sunday, January 22, 2017 2:44 PM