Messages not sent or delivered using Edge server; NonExistentDomain message RRS feed

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  • I'm studying for the 70-662 (Configuring Exchange 2010) exam by building a lab setup of 3 servers:  (1) DC (2 - name=X2010)Exchange 2010 CAS, MB, and HT and (3 - name=Edge) Edge Transport.

    I've configured an Exchange server in the past using just the CAS, MB and HT roles, and have been able to send and receive emails using my own domain.  The current setup I have seems to be configured properly (however, something obviously isn't or else I wouldn't be posting).  I have the X2010 server subscribed to the Edge server using EdgeSync and have tested the synchronization (and it worked).  If I create a send and receive connector on the X2010 server (without EdgeSync enabled), I can send and receive mail just fine.  With EdgeSync, I cannot send or receive.

    Both servers are pointing to the DC for DNS.  There is a static entry for Edge in DNS.  I removed my manual connectors (so that the automatically created send/receive connectors are the only ones in place).  Now I am unable to send or receive email.  The message I find when tracking my outgoing message says "SMTPSEND.DNS.NonExistentDomain; nonexistent domain".

    I'm guessing that there is some communication problem between the Edge server and the X2010 server.  When emailing from Gmail to my Exchange account, the message goes through, but is not delivered.  I sometimes get content filtering rejections (when my message looks like spam), so I know it's being received by Edge.

    I created an MX entry in my AD DNS for Edge, so now it has an A and MX record.  I'm stumped.  Where do I go from here?
    Drew Green MCSA, CCENT, Security+, Network+, A+
    Friday, October 30, 2009 10:32 AM