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  • Is it possible to edit the attributes of a SharePoint user in MOSS so that you set an email address for that user that is external to the domain in which the MOSS site collection resides?

    Where would one set this, and what permissions are needed?

    I am doing some customization for a client using MOSS. I have an AD account in their environment, but do not have a mailbox. I would like to be able to received emails generated by MOSS (Alerts, workflow tasks, etc) into my own email account. If possible, I would like to avoid having an email account in their domain.

    I was told by their support people that it is not possible in AD to assign an email address to a domain user that is external (not created in their Exchange environment). As a developer I do not know enough to query this assertion - hence wanting to do the setting in MOSS.

    I have tried going to "My Profile - Edit Details" in "My Site", and also to "My Settings > Edit Item". I cannot find a way to edit the email address.
    Wednesday, August 13, 2008 1:32 PM


  • First of all, this is possible to do in Active Directory.  On the general tab, you enter the e-mail address in the e-mail field.  Just don't have an Exchange account created on their servers. 
    Secondly, you can modify the email address in Central Administration, but it may be overwritten with the attribute from AD depending upon your profile import schedule. 
    To modify the email address, open up Central Administration and go to the Shared Services Administration page. 
    Go to User Profiles and Properties. 
    Go to View User Profiles.
    Search for your account.
    Hover over your account name when it is returned in the search results, and choose edit from the dropdown.
    Modify the "Work e-mail" field, and save the changes.

    Now I mentioned the profile import.  I believe that if you don't make this change in AD, and just update it in the Shared Services administration page, that it will be overwritten with whatever value is in Active Directory the next time that a profile import is ran.  So...push for the change in AD.
    Wednesday, August 13, 2008 4:31 PM