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    hi !!!
    I need to create web based program which will be using DirectX 9.0.
    I am going to make a control for using in the IE that it uses of DirectX 9.
    I created an ATL project and then i added a ATL Control with HWND stock property to it.
    bot now my problems:

     1- How should i call Direct3DCreate9 and CreateDevice functions?
     2- Where should i call my Init() function for initialize Directx?
     3- How could i create a loop for my Render() function?
     4- How could i handle messages from ATL Control?

    I am only really familiar with programming from the Empty Project that comes with the DX9 SDK.
    =  Could you tell me, how i can create an "Activex DirectX"?                                                =

    I have recently found within MSDN an ATL Con sample for Direct3D that displays a spinning triangle. But it is too olde and it dosen't work with DirectX 9.
     1- atl_direct3d.exe
     2- atl_advanced_direct3d.exe

    Do you know of any other sample for creating an ATL control using D3D?


    Sunday, July 27, 2008 5:36 AM