Epson Printer Workforce 545 has taken control of my PC being one of two pcs on network RRS feed

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  • I have a question on how to rid myself of my Printer/pc.   I think this is what has been ailing this pc for at least two years. I've had to install new windows programs and reinstall them, I bought Windows Home Premium because I was so sick of seeing so much of a domain computer.  Things changing all the time, etc.  For the first time, I think I read that printers and scanners belong on the bottom of the network map. I have an Epson workforce 545 series printer, about 5 years old.  I've had so much trouble because the properties change all the time.  I've reinstalled my windows pro so many times, I get sick thinking about it. The PC will be perfect, then all of a sudden the network map changes. I download my printer and drivers again and have my Epson 545 on an LPT port, then I get another printer icon that says Epson6422c7, and it is placed in the network map next to my PC icon. So it says Computers (2).  Then the same one shows up in infrastructure and then printers and scanners down below, with the printer that I work with I think.  I've tried everything to get rid of that. It is on a wsd port and the other computer is on the LPT port.  on the check network connection sheet that printer spits out, it says "a routing/access point channel conflict has been detected. If you problems printing or scanning, improve your wireless  settings.  Just went to cox cable, with a cable wifi modem/gateway. It seems that my pc and the printer sees this as a separate router and gateway.  The network map and the and everything else changes constantly, one day the map shows that I have my pc leading to the Epson6422C7 with broadcasting sign on Epson, leading to a switch I didn't know I had, then leading the a gateway and then on to network, then it sometimes shows my router's name as the computer name and wants to be public, hard to get it back to "home". When I totally disconnect the printer, only one goes away, the network one just stays in the map. I keep uninstalling the Epson printer driver in programs and features, and it will delete, but it's back again next time I look, with that printer right back in the wsd port. By now I figure something is seriously wrong. I read articles on it and it says to find printers in device manager, and delete the driver, but I didn't see printers in there, until I noticed that there was a show hidden devices and when I clicked on it, I saw that the printer was there. (I removed all of it already and unplugged the computer!!). I was able to uninstall one printer but then the second one came up and there was no option to uninstall. Funny, I have an important update that is waiting for me to download, which is Epson Computers and drivers.  REALLY?  Notice a slew of non plug and play files too. Don't know what to do, can't afford a specialist.  I need computer and printer for my work.  OH YES, I DON'T KNOW IF THIS MEANS ANYTHING BUT I DID A FORMAT AND REINSTALL OF WINDOWS 7 AND IT WOULD NOT LET ME NAME THE PC. IT IS NOW JUST PC. KEPT GETTING ERRORS THAT THERE WERE CHARACTERS IN MY NAME THAT SHOULDN'T BE THERE.


    Saturday, October 3, 2015 10:29 PM


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    Sorry for delay.

    According to your description, I know that you have reinstall Windows 7 however printer cannot work.

    Do you have enable DHCP option or manually configure IP address for this printer? You can use ping to check the connection between PC and printer.
    If not, please try follow the steps as instructions described, and do some test printer. If not work, please ensure the IP addresses is available.

    More details about Hot to add printer, for your reference:

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