MSP2010 - References to Custom fields in Tables/Filters/Groups are lost when migrating to different environment leaving field set to <unavailable> RRS feed

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  • Dear all,

    Our Project Server 2010 currently runs in 3 different environments: Dev, Test, Prod.

    When trying to migrate the Enterprise Global Template (EGT) from Dev to Test, I seem to be able to copy everyting from one instance to the other using the Organizer : VBA Modules, Reports, Views, Tables, Groups, Filters, etc...

    We've made sure all Custom fields and lookup tables from Dev are identically setup in Test and Prod. Even the GUIDs are identical as we made use of the FluentBooks tool. Therefore I'm sure Custom Field ABC is completely identical in both Dev as well as Test and Prod.

    Nevertheless when opening a new project in Test or Prod, based on the new EGT, I get error messages. When digging deeper into the imported Views/Tables/Filters I found out that the references to Custom Fields in any custom Table/Filter/Group has been lost and the only thing that remains is an <unavailable> reference :

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    example for Filter Definition :

    image removed due to missing account verification

    Can anyone tell me why I'm "losing" the references to the Custom Fields while they are still there with exact same name and even exact same GUID ?

    And is there a solution, other than manually "reconnecting" the <unavailable> field references to the correct field (which I can do because the custom field is still there on the server). As we have nearly 100 custom views/tables/filters/groups I really would like to avoid having to go through them all manually and adjusting the <unavailable> fields...

    Many thanks,

    Kjell Hemelsoet

    Tuesday, November 12, 2013 10:07 AM