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  • Hi All,

    We have one customer with SfB architecture:

    - sfb pool

    - edge server

    - reverse proxy 

    Customer uses AD domain: domain.local and sip domain: domain.com.

    We need to create another sfb pool in another country and also Edge and Reverse proxy.

    We cannot benefit from global DNS records which means sip.domain.com and SRV records are the same in both countries.

    How can we configure the second country in order to be able to benefit from all services from internet: Edge access, edge web conferencing, Web services: dialin, meet, mobility?

    Can it be configured like that:

    Country A:

    Sfb pool: poolA.domain.local

    Edge pool: 

    - access: sip.domain.com

    - web: web.domain.com

    - av: av.domain.com

    Reverse Proxy (all pointed to poolA.domain.local)

    - reverseA.domain.com

    - dialin.domain.com



    Country B:

    Sfb pool: poolB.domain.local

    Edge pool: 

    - access: sipB.domain.com

    - web: webB.domain.com

    - av: avB.domain.com

    Reverse Proxy (all pointed to poolB.domain.local)

    - reverseB.domain.com

    - dialin.domain.com



    Regarding Edge the sip traffic should be pointed always to Country A (because of public DNS SRV _sip._tls.domain.com record) but the media would go by Country B Edge server (if user is there registered). Right?

    Regarding Web services: will reverseB.domain.com and reverseA.domain.com be enough to direct the traffic to proper sfb pool for all web services?

    Tuesday, November 15, 2016 2:44 PM

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  • Hi Iron_flower,

    You should create another site for this pool, so it is also possible to use different web sites for dialin and meeting url.

    Clients will connect through edge and will be redirected to the edge of the home pool.

    Maybe you want also to implement Geo-DNS?


    regards Holger Technical Specialist UC

    Tuesday, November 15, 2016 5:38 PM
  • You should create an SRV record for your "primary" pool and a second SRV record with a different weight for your "secondary" Edge pool.

    you should associate the secondary edge with secondary pool for media

    For EDGE FQDN you will need different FQDNs as you did suggest. 

    in the above case all sip signalling traffic will hit your first EDGE pool via SRV and next will be forwarded to the second FE pools.

    Please note that media traffic will always choose the local edge (based on user home)

    For reverse proxy, you need to publish the secondary pool's external web service FQDN. DNS for Lyncdisocver should point to your primary reverse proxy but you can publish  every thing in both. Actually during the autodiscover users will be redirected to the correct reverse proxy. for reference :


    for simple URL you can also create per site simple URLs  for reference http://www.justin-morris.net/configuring-site-level-simple-urls-in-lync-server-2010/

    As for certificates you need to use different FQDNs

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