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  • Hi, Greetings for the day!

    We are recommending Project Server for one of the new projects and Client has requirement to attach relevant documents to each task if there is any. Is it possible to attach documents to tasks in Project Server 2013 ?

    Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance !


    Tuesday, May 7, 2019 3:27 PM

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  • Hello Srini,

    The answer to your question is yes.

    There are a couple methods available to attach a document to a task line item of an enterprise project.  However, you should be aware that both methods have caveats regarding how they are presented, and neither method works as most users might expect.

    Method #1:  Attach a document to a task from within Microsoft Project

    • From within your Microsoft Project schedule, double click on your intended task line item to bring up the Task Information window.
    • Go to the Notes tab.
    • Click on the Insert Object icon.
    • Select the radio button called Create from file: and then click the Browse… button.
    • From within the Browse window, locate the file you desire to attach and then click Insert.
    • Next be sure to select the check box labeled Display As Icon.
    • Next I would recommend clicking the Change Icon… button and changing the Label of this document to a more relevant name of the attached document (your document name by default IS NOT displayed).  Click OK after giving it a name.
    • This should take you back to the Insert Object window.  Now you may click OK.  It will take a few seconds, but you should now have a document that is now attached to your task line item.  You may open and close it at will from the Task Information > Notes window at any time.  You can even edit and save the document at will, but remember that it is now a new copy which resides within this task. 

    Method #2:  Attach a document to a task from within a project’s associated Project Site Task List.

    • Assuming your administrator has configured your environment to use project sites AND your project has a Project Site AND you must have your intended document already residing within said Project Site…
    • From within your Project Site associated with your desired project, click on the Tasks link on the left hand navigation (If your navigation links are modified, you can always find Tasks by going to Site Contents,)
    • You should now see a SharePoint list populated with your project's tasks.  Although tasks cannot be edited here in SharePoint (which is a crime) you can add your attachment here.
    • Click on the Task Name of the desired item or select your item and click View in the exposed ribbon to view it’s information.
    • You should now see the information page of the task, Click on the words SHOW MORE, then the words ADD RELATED ITEM.
    • This brings up the Select an Asset window which will allow you to attach your document (if it resides in your Project Site) or any other site asset.  Once you’ve highlighted your document (or asset) click Insert.
    • You should now see your document’s name and icon n the Related Items field of the task information page.
    • You may now Close that page.
    • At this point you might want to add the Related Items column to whatever view you are using in order to indicate which tasks have documents attached.
    • (This method is also available through the ProjectDetalPages area of PWA via the Options tab)

    Here are your caveats:

    • Neither method is as intuitive as it should be.
    • Neither methods attachment’s are visible in the other methods viewing windows. For example, the document attached within MS Project is not visible in the Sharepoint task list, and visa-versa.
    • Because of the visibility issue, you should decide which method to use and stick with it.  It can become confusing to have documents attached in two different places.
    • Neither methods document’s are visible in the TaskDetails page of PWA.  Even though the section called Attachments specifically says “View, add or edit related information such as documents, issues, or risks.”.  Documents do not display here, only issues and risks (really wish they’d fix that).

    I hope this helps.  Any further questions please fee free to ask.  If the community has something to add, please do so.


    Chris Addis - MCTS

    Thursday, May 9, 2019 12:28 PM
  • Thanks Chris for your response!

    Yes, those 2 options are not helping to see documents in PWA. We have decided to store document links from SharePoint document library in notes section of task(s) in Microsoft project or PWA.



    Monday, May 13, 2019 2:58 PM