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  • Anyone know a way to get recovery point reporting for Azure online backups out of DPM? I have seen others ask about this but it amazes me Microsoft implemented Azure in to DPM and then didnt build a way to view reports for it.

    Whats interesting is if I edit the default recovery point status report in SQL Report builder I see a field "CloudRecoveryPointPresent" so clearly Microsoft "worked on it". If I edit the default report and import it back in to SQL Reporting I can see the little globe which signifies the Cloud Recovery Point field but it doesnt populate even though I have recovery points for online backups. I understand there are some options in System Center to do this but I dont want to go that route. 

    As a work around for those that have used's custom DPM report, it will show you the jobs for the Azure online backups even though it labels them as DISK

    Wednesday, July 31, 2019 1:36 PM


  • House cleaning.

    You can use this poweshell script to create an online recovery point status report.  Adjust the days to collect - default is last 7 days.

    $outfile = "Online-Backup-Report.txt"
    $DPM | out-file $outfile
    get-date | out-file $outfile -Append
    $ps = get-productionserver | where {$_.ServerProtectionState -eq 'HasDatasourcesProtected'}
    foreach ($sn in $ps)
    $datasource = Get-Datasource $sn | where {$_.state -eq 'Valid'}
    foreach ($Data in $datasource)

     Write-Host 'Processing DataSource' $Data
     Get-DPMJob -Datasource $Data -from (get-date).AddDays(-7)  -Type CloudBackup | ft Jobtype, Status, ProtectionGroupName,Datasources, starttime, endtime, datasize -AutoSize  | out-file $outfile -Append
    notepad $outfile

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    Friday, December 13, 2019 10:50 PM