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  • How can we set the deployment profile to have no startup sounds?

    I've tried toggling mute, but it is not reliable because we many different models and some of them install drivers or audio applications during the deployment that end up toggling the sound back on at various places during task sequence and we would have to add another toggle mute command at a different point in the TS which would then toggle unmute for other models.  That's too kludgy to manage toggling sound by model.

    So, I would rather disable startup sounds rather than trying to "mute" the audio.

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  • I use a utility, nircmd from NirSoft, to set the audio volume during deployment. You can also use the utility to mute the audio volume.

    nircmdc.exe mutesysvolume 1

    This utility seems to work for us, regardless of the computer's model.

    That being said, here is a PowerShell function I use sometimes, but it disables all sounds.

    function TurnOffSounds
        $appsKeyChildren = Get-ChildItem "Registry::HKCU\AppEvents\Schemes\Apps"
        for ([int]$x = 0; $x -lt $appsKeyChildren.Length; $x++)
            $subKeyNames = $appsKeyChildren[$x].GetSubKeyNames()
            foreach ($keyName in $subKeyNames)
                [Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey] $eventKey = $appsKeyChildren[$x].OpenSubKey($keyName, $false)
                $eventSubKeyNames = $eventKey.GetSubKeyNames()
                for ([int]$y = 0; $y -lt $eventSubKeyNames.Length; $y++)
                    if ($eventSubKeyNames[$y] -eq ".Current")
                        [Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey] $currentSoundKey = $eventKey.OpenSubKey($eventSubKeyNames[$y], $true)
                        $currentSoundKey.DeleteValue($null, $false)

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