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  • Hi.If I turn my TV off, but leave my PC on, the screen res changes and moves all the icons on the desktop around. Is there anyway to stop windows 7 from using the annoying auto detect and lock my screen resolution in place.

    I have my PC connected to my 47" LED TV via HDMI. This runs through an HDMI transmitter to send the image to a 42" LCD TV in the bedroom. When my LED TV is on, the display on the LCD upstairs is perfect full scan. If I turn off the LED the scan shrinks, leaving about an inch or so border.

    Last but not least. My audio runs via the optical out on my Soundblaster card into my 5.1 AV receiver, and works perfectly. My TV upstairs is not connected to this, so requires the audio to pass through the HDMI on my Radeon graphics card. Is there any way (even using a third party tweak) to allow the audio to run through both outputs at the same time?

    Looking forward to some useful answers.


    Saturday, March 22, 2014 6:31 PM