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  • I came to the forum the other evening after witnessing a 3 hour update to a Lenovo Pro machine that is reasonably fast.  The update which was scheduled took over at 8pm from the person using it and for three hours it slowly went on....and to my reckoning if this was uploading data and there was a huge amount being put into it, none of which had been asked for.  It seems like these updates just sneak into the machine and wait their chance.  I've been led to believe that it is to make the machine run better and improve programmes that need bringing up to standard.   After it was over the machine was slower and things such as 'page unresponsive' appeared even on the Word application and Internet.  It was quite obvious things had also been changed, one being when they selected a picture file which would normally show thumbnail pics would only do titles of the pictures, whereas before the upload things were as they wanted, but this had now gone!      After I put this item up another retired techie admitted many old people are having problems with Windows 10...and that it's getting so bad that they are returning to Vista, he also pointed out about the vast advertising on Apps that are smaller which are now so many that this could be another reason for slowdowns....but nobody's owning up to it.   Connecting up to the Internet is often slower and one can be just looking at a white screen for three or four what's going on, and why 3 hours on an update?

    A guy from Microsoft did reply but he didn't seem to recognise the word or what update....which is strange, because all Windows users get updates coming to their machines regularly.....and laughably, the reply button didn't work it said there was an error and couldn't connect with the forum.....which didn't surprise me really.

    Saturday, February 22, 2020 1:13 AM

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  • According to your description, it is more like a virus or malware rather than a general update, what’s KB number of the Windows 10 update?

    Windows 10 update include feature upgrade will not delete user’s data, will not change the user’s configuration.

    For current scenario, I suggest to execute a full scan in safe mode at first.

    Then, update drivers from manufacturer website.

    Check the Windows Update history website below, make sure your PC has the latest build system.

    Run sfc /scannow and DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth commands to repair system files.

    If still feel abnormal, I suggest to in-place upgrade system via a clean iso image file, you could download it from media creation tool.


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