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  • I'm working with a number of clients who are only noticing this problem on Windows XP machines. They have a program that maps a UNC path to a drive letter (for the users to access on their own) and then proceeds to use the UNC to access these files. (it basically runs the command "net use v: \\computername\sharename" for the user and then tries to access a few files on \\computername\sharename)   

    Lately, they have been running into a large number of problems with their XP machines using this program. The program works fine for a day, but the next day, it is unable to connect to this same  UNC path for file sharing. It returns an error about not being able to find the specified network path (I don't have the text of the exact error). I've noticed a few things about this.

    1) The issue seems isolated to specific shared folders. It always seems to affect the one this program uses, but other folders are still accessible. Occasionally other folders are affected, but it is primarily the folder that this program uses.

    2) If I change the UNC path to the IP address (\\computername\sharename\ -> \\xx.xx.xx.xx\sharename\), the program works fine for another day, but the next day, the same symptoms arise. Switching back to the original UNC works again and the process repeats in a seemingly endless cycle. (UNC works -> Next day UNC not work but IP does -> next day IP not work but UNC does -> UNC not work but IP does -> etc).   

    3) When this happens, if the mapped drive is still connected, they can access the files here still, but the UNC (or IP - depending on the day) does not allow access.

    4) Sometimes a reboot of the client pc has fixed it. Other times, a reboot of the server has fixed it. Other times, neither options work and we have to go back to the IP/UNC rotation.

    5) It only affects Windows XP machines, but does not affect ALL Windows XP machines.

    6) I can ping the computer with the file share fine. The computer with the problematic file share can ping and access shared files from the other computer(s) without any problems.

    7) It had been working fine up until about 2 or 3 weeks ago, and we've had the issue consistently on a daily basis with these clients since then.

    It is puzzling and we have a number of our clients experiencing the same issue. It also is limited to Windows XP machines, though the computer hosting the file share could be practically any OS it seems. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Does anybody have anything they can suggest for me to try? These problems are frustrating.
    Monday, April 2, 2012 2:23 PM