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  • Hey Guys,

    I am trying to acquire the members within a group as well as their grouptype or objectclass. The problem i am running into is that for each user i want to indicate if its a user or group, Ex. group:Domain Users. I am only able to retrieve either the user or the group class. Here is the query i have created please let me know if there is a better way to retrieve the data.

    i need to add the objectclass or grouptype to the same column where members are retrieve by : , any help is appreciated.

    Import-Module ActiveDirectory

    'Server' = ''
    'Searchbase' = 'DC=blah,DC=com'
    'Searchscope'= 'subtree'
    'Filter' = '*'
    'Properties' = '*'


    'Property' = `
    @{n=’Fully Qualified Name’; e= { ( $_.NetBIOSname | % { (Get-ADDomain).NetBiosname }) + '\' + ($_.Name)}},`
    @{name='Notes';expression={$_.Info -join ','}},`
    @{name='Description';expression={$_.Description -join ','}},`
    @{name='Active Directory Path';expression={$_.CanonicalName -join ','}},`
    @{name=’Group Members <LIST>’; expression={$_ | Foreach {Get-ADGroupMember -Identity $_ |Select -ExpandProperty sAMAccountname| Out-String}}},`
    @{name='QueryRunDateTime';expression={Get-Date -Format G}}

    Get-ADGROUP @ADUserParams | Select-Object @SelectParams | Out-GridView

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