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  • how to create temp table ,table variable ,CTE using(Adventurework)

    Must use the LIKE and BETWEEN operators
    Query 2 – Must use the IN and NOT IN operators
    Query 3 – Must use a Group By Statement and 2 aggregates (Temp table should be built using SELECT
    INTO Statement
    Query 4 – Must use the UNION operator
    Query 5 – Must be built using at least one column that is a Primary Key with an Identity Column.
    Query 6 – Must be built using a WHERE clause and ORDER BY clause
    Query 7 – Must be built using a GROUP BY clause and HAVING Clause
    Query 8 – Must be built using WHERE / GROUP BY / HAVING / ORDER BY clauses
    Query 9 – Must be built using 3 System Functions
    Query 10 – Must be built using 3 other System Functions

    Tuesday, April 30, 2019 7:01 AM

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