[Windows 7 Backup] Error code: 0x81000019 RRS feed

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  • Windows 7 Pro 64bit

    C:/ 64GB SSD with approx 6GB free

    Trying to create a backup point to external hard drive. failing each time.

    The last time the automated backup tool worked was on Jan 7th 2013...

    I had to run a system image restore from my windows 7 disc recently, and restored it to that point.

    Since then, I have been unable to create a new system image, nor create a backup point.

    Each time, ends in the error message of "Cannot create Shadow Copy" with the Error Code 0x81000019

    where might i find the VSS and SPP event logs to see if that give any more information?

    Steps Tried:

    Made sure the Shadow Copy service is active, restarted it several times.

    Increased the "system resevered" partition from 100MB to 298MB (using third party Partition Management tool)

    Ran "check disk" on both source drive ( C:/) as well as the destination external drive (USB drive F:/)

    Few times check disc came up with a bad cluster message in the "hiberfile.sys" file and corrected it. No other errors.

    Using third party partition management software, ran a "surface check" of the SSD, to decect bad clusters, one cluster with 36k worth of bad data was detected.


    Not sure if this is due to a problem with the system suffering a BSOD.. and having to  use my windows 7 instal disk to use my last surviving "System Image" to restore.. as in if there is a problem with the hard drive now from the BSOD... or if some key file is damaged or missing.

    Any help is greatly NEEDED.

    Thursday, February 7, 2013 7:03 AM