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    I use Authenticator for my Microsoft Outlook account that I access through both my computer and phone. A few months ago, I tried to access Outlook on my computer and was met with the popup telling me to sign in. I did, and it told me to approve the sign in request on my Authenticator app. However, when I went to the app on my phone, I did not receive any request like I normally do, and was only displayed the accounts screen. My account was there (my university email) under Azure AD. It is a dead-end screen, and every time I try to retrieve a request, nothing comes up. I click the "try another way" to verify my identity and use a verification code instead, but once again, nothing is retrieved on my screen.

    I could, however, still send and receive emails on the Outlook on my phone. The issue was only on my computer and it persisted, so I resigned to only accessing my emails through my phone. 

    Recently, I have not been able to receive and send emails on my phone account, either. I believe it might be because I updated the app and was signed out. The same issue occurs on my phone now; the app tells me to sign in, and when I do, I am sent to the Authenticator app. The app tells me to "Approve sign in request", and that they have "sent a notification to my mobile device". No notification is received, and when I open the Authenticator app, the same "accounts" screen is shown. It is the same dead-end screen, and I am stuck, unable to sign in.

    I am extremely confused and frustrated because Authenticator had worked so easily for me before this issue arose, but now it is preventing me from accessing my account despite my following of all the instructions. Hope to be able to resolve this issue soon, especially with recent events and having to work from home, being locked out of my emails is very disconcerting.

    Thank you and best regards,


    P.S. I tried to upload images to this message to show what I see but whenever I clicked on my image, there was a loading circle that kept going and going and did not upload my image successfully. 

    Friday, April 3, 2020 2:25 PM

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  • Hello mattchongmh , 

    I am assuming you are talking about logging in to outlook app using Office365 University ID. You were able to access mails on your phone because of a persistent cookie that MFA auth (multi-factor auth) would have created the first time it was set . after a limited period , the cookie expires and at that time it would request for signin again to obtain a new set of auth tokens for setting the cookie again within the Outlook mobile app so that access can continue again . If you are not getting any notification then you would need an administrator from your university's admin team to reset that for you . Even Microsoft support can not do anything in this because this needs to be done by the global administrator of your university's Office365 subscription. they need to logon to Office365 Admin center using  and disable Multi factor authentication for your account once. 

    And then you can set it up again using and going to the security Info section to add a method again. 

    We do not have admin rights on customer's subscriptions hence you would need to contact your internal IT for getting this fixed. 

    Please check with them once and I think with the information provided above you should be able to get the issue fixed. In case the information in the post is helpful , please do mark it as answer so that other users facing similar issues can find this easily because marking this as answer will increase its relevancy if this works for you . Let us know how it goes. 

    Also you may try uploading the pictures , it should let you to upload now. Since it was your first time post the algorithm disallows some operations initially. I would also entourage you to not provide any personally identifiable information like email address on public forums. I do not have moderator access on this forum hence I cannot mask it but I would suggest you to mask your email address. 

    Thank you. 

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    Thursday, April 9, 2020 2:37 PM